World Breastfeeding Week 2015 featuring Jenny M.

"World breastfeeding week is a celebration of all women, globally, who choose to nourish their babies in the most natural way possible.  For some cultures there is simply no other way, but for women in the United States breastfeeding is somewhat controversial." 

"Breastfeeding aids in the development and growth of a baby with residual affects that last for years. Breastfeeding provides nourishment and antibodies that protect against diseases while enhancing intellectual stimulation. Most importantly though, is the bond that breastfeeding creates between a mom and baby. Breastfeeding gives me an overwhelming sense of joy and love and pride."

"We need to educate people on breastfeeding. I have co-workers that think it’s completely unfair that I get to take breaks to go pump milk for my baby. I am questioned as to why I have to pump at 10 am and 3 pm, and not during the scheduled lunch break.  I’ve tried to explain the physiology of breastfeeding, the supply and demand aspects, and of course the unwavering benefits of continuing until my baby is 1 year. Despite my efforts it is still the opinion of my co-workers that I’m just taking a leisurely break and enjoying myself. Thankfully I have the law on my side. Why can’t we support each other though? Women have dual roles. We give birth to and nourish babies and we are a part of the workforce. We need support from our co-workers…from our fellow human beings. A baby needs special attention that only a mother can provide."

"I set a goal to breastfeed for at least 6 months.  Well, I’m 2 weeks shy of my goal now and there’s no end in sight.  I know without a doubt, I will continue breastfeeding my baby for at least the first year of her life."